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About Us

Best Informatica is a company with more than 20 years in the industry that specializes in repairing tape drives and document scanner. In addition to repairing servers, NAS systems, SAN, disk booths, terminals and barcode PDA.

BEST INFORMATICA began operation in 1991 addressing the distribution of specialized products. Created by technical and business professionals with extensive experience in the sector, our focus has always been to help solve customers problems caused by the need to computerize their businesses and upgrade their equipment to optimize performance in their professional activity.


Due to the constantly changing technologies, our mission is to provide the highest quality available in the market at all times and support with the best technical service to ensure the solutions to customer problems.


For us the success achieved is based on two fundamental principles:


We trust that this information will be of interest and remain at your disposal for any questions you want us. In hoping to work together in the near future Yours faithfully.

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